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Hollywood Bowl is a bowling and entertainment venue company.


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  • Best thing

    Team are all friendly from the moment you join, made to feel welcome very quickly.

    Worst thing

    Can feel overwhelmed on busy days with the amount of different jobs


    Team member, December 2020

    • Β£5.00 per hour
    • Under 18 years old
    • Less than a year experience
  • Best thing

    Straightforward job, can be enjoyable interacting with happy customers.

    For the most part, a good team who work well but can also have fun in between.

    Getting rewarded for achieving certain milestones,e.g. so many customer compliments with pin badges. Winning team member if the month you can also win things like free cinema tickets etc.

    Incentives so often where should the centre win, they can win a bonus on your wages.

    Good management who do care about you as a person and do try help you reach any goals you set.

    Worst thing

    Minimum wage; at very least team members should not be paid less just because of age.

    Understandable due to this being peak times but very rarely get weekends off.

    Can occasionally be very stressful when at max capacity.


    Team member-lane host, August 2020

    • Β£7.70 per hour
    • 21–24 years old
    • 1–3 years experience

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