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Hollister is a fashion retailer. They sell clothes and accessories for teens and young adults.


Do Hollister pay by the hour or annually?

People get paid by the hour at Hollister.

by the hour
an annual salary
  • 82% of people report they get paid by the hour.
  • 18% of people report they get paid an annual salary.

Last updated 23 March 2023

How we know this

Based on 34 job reviews from people who work at Hollister.

What employees are saying about Hollister

  • Best thing

    Good discount

    Worst thing

    Really bad environment tbh. Management don’t care too much about your needs and don’t help you out with anything like cover when it’s needed. Pay is garbage and they’re way too strict about the schedule.


    Hollister Employee, June 2022

  • Best thing

    Discount, music is good. Sometimes they put nice things in the breakroom (a small room that you could barely call a corridor, usually with a steel or wooden bench and a small fridge that smells of eggs) like doughnuts.

    Worst thing

    The stockroom upstairs reeks because there’s no windows or airflow up there. The pay is base rate and the hours are awful. They give you sometimes less than half a weeks notice to give the rota and you can’t change it once they do. You have to give 4 weeks notice via the website if you want holiday. Employees and customers will not return things to their rightful place because no one actually knows where anything goes as the second you learn the layout, they change it again. I had to get there by train and usually spent half an hours work just trying to get there and back every day, with a 50% discount on rail tickets because of my saver card. My colleagues found it difficult to quit and I only found it easy becasue I’d learned what not to do from the horror stories and copied my manager into my email containing my letter of resignation that I sent to three other managers above them so that they couldn’t lie about the time I had to work for. Shifts would finish late sometimes which didn’t work out for trains. They don’t train you when you join and when they eventually do it’s in a massive group so you don’t actually learn anything. They don’t turn up on times in the morning and you don’t have their numbers so you can’t be sure when they’ll turn up to let you in.


    Hollister Employee, April 2022

  • Best thing

    The other colleagues are lovely

    Worst thing

    Management wasn’t well organised
    Staff were often overworked and overwhelmed with shifts and some being super last minute


    Hollister Employee, February 2022

  • Best thing

    Flexible hours and can get cover easy
    Fits around uni when I’m away will always have a job when I come home

    Worst thing

    There’s high amounts of favourites between the district manager
    If you don’t get on with managers you will be penalised


    Hollister Employee, December 2021

  • Best thing

    the team are all really young so you make friends and there’s always people you get on with
    hours aren’t too demanding and you can change them easily

    Worst thing



    Hollister Employee, December 2021

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