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Hermes ranks 10th in delivery companies

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What’s it like on the frontline at Hermes?

  • Most people don’t do unpaid extra work

  • People don’t get 4 weeks notice of when they’re working

  • People don’t get proper sick pay


Featured Hermes job reviews

  • 4.9/10

    Best thing

    left alone to get on with it

    Worst thing

    wages, only told 1 day in advance what I'm working the next day

    hgv 1 driver, April 2020
  • 1.5/10

    Best thing

    • My colleagues - work well as a team, communication is good and the task gets done

    Worst thing

    • On your own initiative, support your self, managers don’t check up on you for the who shift - check your doing okay or if there is any issues going on or anything like that.

    • Never know when you going to start or finish a shift due to no set rota for any set week so that can be a little annoying because you don’t know when at all you will finish.

    • Company doesn’t seem to care about you at all, including your personal health

    • Very repetitive job roles every shift, nothing changes and can always expect the same every day which is boring and can drain down your self esteem and even effect one mental health

    Warehouse Operative, March 2020