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Heineken is a beer and cider manufacturer. They also run pubs and bars across the UK.


Featured Heineken job reviews

  • Best thing

    Great team

    Worst thing

    Company wanting to change pay


    Shift technician, October 2020

    • Β£34,000 per year, working a 39 hour week
    • 25 or older
    • More than 3 years experience
  • Best thing

    Lots of time off, good pay, promotion opportunities,

    Worst thing

    Middle management and above have no idea about how the ship floor operates


    Technical Operator, November 2020

    • Β£39,000 per year, working a 40 hour week
    • 25 or older
    • 1–3 years experience

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Heineken ranks joint 8th to work for in food and drinks producers

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