Hain Daniels Group

Hain Daniels Group is a food producer. Their brands include New Covent Garden Soup, Sunpat and Hartley's.


Hain Daniels Group job reviews

  • Best thing

    Money is good

    Worst thing

    Health and safety is poor
    Poor maintained equipment


    Hain Daniels Group Employee, December 2021

  • Worst thing

    The company is critically understaffed, low wages, unpaid breaks, no company sick pay, horrible factory management, no extra benefits for employees.


    Hain Daniels Group Employee, September 2021

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  • Worst thing

    Staff shortage for 8 months. Stressful work environment poorly maintained equipment. Under pressure all the time and 12 hour shifts not a good work life balance


    Hain Daniels Group Employee, August 2021