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GXO Logistics is a supply chain and warehouse company.


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  • Best thing

    Paid 30 minute break daily

    Worst thing

    Hard to book holidays
    Not enough staff


    GXO Logistics Employee, May 2022

  • Best thing

    I know what to do

    Worst thing

    No flexibility, no consideration for personal circumstances, paid wrong


    GXO Logistics Employee, March 2022

  • Best thing

    The money isn’t the worst

    Worst thing

    Management get more breaks,pressured to perform more,by the time you sit down for break you are left with 20 minutes,watched all the time and feel not trusted,horrible atmosphere,not praised for problem solving but disciplined if you so much as say hello to other colleagues…I could type all day about this place… run a survey and you’ll see


    GXO Logistics Employee, February 2022

  • Worst thing

    People are tret different to others


    GXO Logistics Employee, January 2022

  • Best thing

    Under pressure to get figures out


    GXO Logistics Employee, January 2022

  • Best thing

    The people I work with

    Worst thing

    No communication and nobody cares


    GXO Logistics Employee, January 2022

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