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Guardian Homecare


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What do people say about working as a carer at Guardian Homecare?

  • Best thing

    Working with people

    Worst thing

    Making a difference


    Guardian Homecare Employee, April 2022

  • Best thing

    Lovely clients

    Worst thing

    Unsociable hours poor pay


    Guardian Homecare Employee, March 2022

  • Best thing

    It’s a good laugh.

    You meet amazing people.

    Most of the time we all get on and have a laugh at work! There are odd days and some dramas but on the whole it’s good!

    Worst thing

    Sometimes there’s no hours. (0 hours contract.)

    People are really ill a lot of the time and death is quite common.

    Trying to find places in the dark and travelling a lot.


    Guardian Homecare Employee, April 2021

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