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Greene King

79 job reviews

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Overview of Greene King

Greene King owns and operates pubs, hotels, restaurants and breweries across the UK. Their head office is in Bury St. Edmonds, UK.

Pay ranges

  1. £8.20–9.34 per hour

Featured job reviews

  • 6.1/10

    Best thing

    Team work
    Customer interactions
    Job satisfaction

    Worst thing

    Long hours
    Unsociable working hours

    Team leader, September 2020
  • 2.7/10

    Best thing

    Some of the people I work with

    Worst thing

    Most of it

    Line chef, August 2020

Greene King hours and contracts

  • Most people find it easy to book holidays

  • Most people find it easy to take sick leave

  • Most people get enough choice over which shifts they work


Greene King team and workplace

  • People say this is a good place to work if you care for a child or other relative

  • People think their workplace is safe

  • Most people get enough training when they start


Jobs by location

  1. 7 job openings

  2. 3 job openings

  3. 2 job openings

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  5. 1 job opening

  6. 1 job opening

  7. 1 job opening

  8. 1 job opening

  9. 1 job opening

  10. 1 job opening

  11. 1 job opening

Greene King ranks joint 10th to work for in pubs and bars

  1. 8=


  2. 10=

    Greene King

  3. 10=

    Hungry Horse