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How much does Fife Council pay teachers per year?

Β£36.4k–42.8k from 6 teachers at Fife Council

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What’s it like working as a teacher?

Teachers have the job of teaching students.

There are lots of different types of teachers. These depend on who you teach and what type of school or college you teach in. Some of these include:

Young children:

  • Early years teachers
  • Primary school teachers
  • Junior school teachers


Secondary school teachers High school teachers Sixth form teachers


  • Adult education teachers

What you do depends on what type of teaching you go into. Some jobs may include:

  • Working with children and/ or adults
  • Creating lesson plans based on the curriculum
  • Teaching a whole class or small group
  • Following safeguarding policies
  • Marking work
  • Understanding if any of your pupils need additional support
  • Organising trips and after school clubs
  • Behaviour management

You may have to work early mornings and after school ends.

If you want to apply for a teacher job, you might need the following:

Showing 2 reviews from:

  • Best thing

    Teaching is the most rewarding job I've ever had.

    Worst thing

    Massive workload

    Teacher, November 2020

    • Β£32,900 per year, working a 35 hour week
    • 25 or older
    • 1–3 years experience
  • Best thing

    Watching progress

    Worst thing

    Violence and workload

    Teacher, July 2020

    • Β£41,000 per year, working a 45 hour week
    • 25 or older
    • More than 3 years experience

Current Fife Council teacher jobs

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