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What do people say about working as a factory supervisors at Eurocell?

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When Eurocell workers have taken our quiz, we will share with you their best things and their worst things about working there.

What do other people say about working at Eurocell?

  • Best thing

    Regular shifts...people I work with..always busy

    Worst thing

    Supervisors not working together...lots of favouritism..if supervisor likes you it's an easy day 😐


    Eurocell Employee, September 2021

  • Best thing

    The other employees within network who go above and beyond to help one another. Friendly place to work

    Worst thing

    Long hours, high sales targets, unreasonable work load that increases every day with some pointless tasks that distract from performing the main duties efficiently


    Eurocell Branch manager, April 2021

  • Best thing

    No stress

    Worst thing

    Very poor pay, hours deducted for break you never take


    Eurocell Trade sales assistant, March 2021

  • Best thing


    Worst thing

    Pushed too hard to achieve targets


    Eurocell Line leadernmo, January 2021

  • Best thing

    security. Good rates of pay.

    Worst thing

    Constant rollover of agency staff. That require training


    Eurocell Machine rechnician, July 2020

  • Best thing

    Driving, work colleagues

    Worst thing

    Everything else


    Eurocell Driver, trade counter assistant, July 2020

  • Best thing

    The team I work with, and the only reason i have stayed for so long

    Worst thing

    Site management


    Eurocell Team leader, June 2020

  • Best thing

    Plenty of hours

    Worst thing

    Never guaranteed a full weeks work


    Eurocell Warehouse operative, March 2020

  • Best thing

    Once out the yard no one telling me what to do

    Worst thing

    Management don’t listen


    Eurocell Driver, March 2020