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Machine operators

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What do people say about working as a machine operators at Estee Lauder?

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What do other people say about working at Estee Lauder?

  • Best thing


    Worst thing

    The pressure to make ridiculous amount of money. Especially if you’re working on your own. The managers don’t want to accept reality of a retail store and think they live in a dream land where we have customers spending so much money. They suck the passion for beauty out of you. Commission is RUBBISH only 1%
    The store is freezing cold, we get so much verbal abuse from the public
    They want us to make money instore but out better offers online! And wonder why high st stores are shutting down …


    Estee Lauder Employee, February 2022

  • Best thing

    Good discounts, take home quite a bit of makeup and products

    Worst thing

    When I worked there under a certain brand owned by this company, we weren’t allowed to take our jackets off in the summer even though we were overheating. We were constantly judged by the managers, who never understood our personal issues, we were expected to work weekends all the time, our manager was always late but if we were late by even 5 minutes we were told to take it off our break time, we weren’t allowed to drink water on shop floor, even when it was over 30 degrees in the shop, our manager gossiped about us behind our backs to the other counter managers on different counters and constantly judged us for being friendly rather than wanting to sell tonnes of unnecessary products to the customer. I wanted to fit the need of the customer to create loyalty and trust but I was told I needed to upsale and basically lie about what they ‘needed’ just so I could make their profit.


    Estee Lauder Employee, November 2021

  • Best thing

    Discount on products

    Worst thing

    Non flexiblity


    Estee Lauder Employee, May 2021

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