espa is an education charity and care service provider. They support people with autism.

espa job reviews

  • Best thing

    The people you work with & loyal customers.

    Worst thing

    Health & safety is the last thing they care about. I had to still open the spa & carry on treatments when the toliet pipes exploded into the spa.

    Racist they didn't take into consideration about my religion during Ramadan they would make me do full back to back full body massages in the heat, when other staffs was given the role to sit on reception all day instead of helping. My manger knew I couldn't do male clients yet would still book them with me.

    If you had emergency they didn't care. Few occasions I had to leave but I wasn't allowed however my manger or other staff was aloud to leave early for early drink for night out.

    Selfish mangers they don't do their job correctly. Taken advantage of while working on zero hour contract. They would time the treatments you carry out but cut the times when they carry out a treatment on a client & expect you to clean up after them.

    After any treatment the manger would never clean her mess & always leave it for the staff.

    Hygiene is out of the books! Many occasions I had to spent 1 hour washing all the hand mitts by hand because washing machine was broken. Only washed with hot soapy water. Hand mitts that clients find relaxing are on people's dirty feet, body & face.

    They never care about clients they only care about those who come back for treatment & will always buy something.
    They judge clients straight away.


    espa Employee, January 2022

  • Best thing

    Service users and staff

    Worst thing

    Not having enough people to do the things we should be doing


    espa Employee, August 2021

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  • Best thing

    Helping others to achieve to their best ability


    espa Employee, July 2021