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What people say about their job at Cyberdog

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  • 7.4/10

    Ladieswear department manager

    • £8.81 per hour
    • 21–24 years old
    • 1–2 years experience

    👍 Best thing about their job

    Very understanding managers, nice people to work with, friendly work atmosphere (people you could actually be friends with), allowed to look however we want as long as our bodies are covered in 50% of their clothing as uniform, no tolerance for lateness/other people letting the team down, most people work very hard, treated with respect and like an actual human.

    👎 Worst thing about their job

    Can get very busy and stressful, weekend based as those are the busiest days so not exactly a social job, long shifts more midday - evening based, low pay compared to most london jobs.

    December 2019