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What do people say about working as a nurses at Coverage Care?

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When Coverage Care workers have taken our quiz, we will share with you their best things and their worst things about working there.

What do other people say about working at Coverage Care?

  • Best thing

    Helping others

    Worst thing

    Not having the time. To do ur job properly. More paperwork and cleaning


    Coverage Care Employee, July 2021

  • Best thing

    I’m kept busy with the work load, which I like. My line manager is very approachable and hard working, my last 2 catering managers were lazy and didn’t pull their weight. We get paid our breaks, although they get interrupted now and again. Our kitchen is only 5 years old so has all mod cons. Training is good.

    Worst thing

    As it’s open 24/7
    Working Christmas Day, Easter and the bank holidays can mean you miss out on family times, but you don’t work every single day so if you’re lucky you’re shift doesn’t fall on those days.


    Coverage Care Catering assistant, March 2021

  • Best thing

    The staff are amazing!! We really work together to make sure our guests get the absolute most out of the time they are with us. The management at the home are fantastic ( when they're allowed to be by head office) knowledgeable, professional and supportive

    Worst thing

    The home where I work is a lovely place, managed by professional caring hardworking people however, head office is quite another matter. Even though coverage care is supposedly a 'not for profit' organisation, they have absolutely no regard for their staff OR their guests in their homes, as long as they get a good rating from CQC. Myself and others where I work have been told on several occasions that care staff are 10 a penny and even when told half of their staff were thinking of leaving their reaction was to nonchalantly shrug their shoulders, not caring two hours as long as they've got bums in beds.


    Coverage Care Health care assistant, February 2021

  • Best thing

    Privelidge to look after the elderly

    Worst thing

    Can get busy stressful


    Coverage Care Senior rsw, October 2020

  • Best thing

    residents and colleagues

    Worst thing

    understaffed, not listened to, vast amount of jobs to achieve before shift ends on a time constraint


    Coverage Care assistant manager, July 2020

  • Best thing

    Great to work around family life, career prospects and the pays good for the sector.

    Worst thing

    Sometimes staffing changes, you can work with alot of colleagues and impossible to guarantee that you'll enjoy working with all.


    Coverage Care Senior carer, July 2020

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