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City Plumbing

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Overview of City Plumbing

City Plumbing sell supplies for people working in local plumbing, heating and electrical trades. They are owned by Travis Perkins.

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  • 4.8/10

    Best thing

    The customers and the relationships with them i build

    Worst thing

    Working every second Saturday.
    Deliveries from main warehouse coming in at lunch time.
    Works in the warehouse being done by internal contractors that takes 20 guys to get a job done right.
    The pay is very basic for the responsibility.
    Working on your own at times when there's customer's in, phone's going, deliveries coming in at the same time and unable to get a proper lunch break when the manager is on holiday.
    No extra pay for extra hours added to your working week.

    Assistant manager, July 2020

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City Plumbing ranks joint 6th to work for in retailers

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    City Plumbing

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