Chaiiwala is a cafe and Indian street food chain. They specialise in chai, coffee and hot drinks.

Based on responses from 6 employees at Chaiiwala.

How Chaiiwala ranks

Chaiiwala ranks 27th to work for out of fast food restaurants.

  1. 26 Simpsons
  2. 27 Chaiiwala
  3. 28 Wimpy

Rankings are based on Breakroom ratings for employers with 5 or more quiz responses, accurate as of 26 May, 2022.

Chaiiwala job reviews

  • Best thing

    My team

    Worst thing

    Too much work for little pay


    Chaiiwala Employee, November 2021

  • Best thing

    The bond you end up creating. However this depends on how your team is

    Worst thing

    Massively stressed, do too much work for little pay, poor management sometimes.


    Chaiiwala Employee, December 2021

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