Carden Park Hotel

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Carden Park Hotel is a luxury countryside hotel near Chester.

Carden Park Hotel job reviews

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  • Worst thing

    That I have a title of stock manager, but I don’t get paid a stock manager, I go for 10 to 15 minute breaks, but don’t get paid for the other 15 minute break that I don’t take, I come in early to finish off other peoples cleaning tasks they haven’t done the night before and don’t get paid for the early start, other than a few employees, I don’t really feel respected in the club, there is no progress for me there, other than offering contracts after contracts, but still on the same hourly rate,


    Carden Park Hotel Employee, June 2023

  • Best thing

    Free golf, most of the people I work with

    Worst thing

    Closing down at 2-3am with no incentivised pay. Managers not setting good examples by not doing closes and lack of consistency and communication within the workplace


    Carden Park Hotel Bartender, April 2023