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Cambridgeshire County Council job reviews

  • Best thing

    Ability to make positive changes for clients
    Working with a good team
    Multi agency working

    Worst thing

    Senior management not acknowledging stress felt at front line by teams
    Bullying not being dealt with


    Senior Social Worker, March 2021

    • Manages people
    • Β£37,000 per year, working a 40 hour week
    • 25 or older
  • Best thing


    Worst thing

    restrictions within the department


    Customer advisor, January 2021

    • Β£24,500 per year, working a 37 hour week
    • 25 or older
  • Best thing

    The people I care for/support

    Worst thing

    The attitude of the other staff


    Support worker, November 2020

    • Β£9.81 per hour
    • 25 or older