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The Breakroom Basics

  • Pay

    Do Caledonia pay the real minimum wage?

    No answer yet

    Do Caledonia do any unpaid extra work?

    No answer yet
  • Shifts and hours

    How much notice do people get of their shift pattern at Caledonia?

    No answer yet

    Do people work the same number of hours they are contracted at Caledonia?

    No answer yet

    Do Caledonia managers change shifts at short notice?

    No answer yet
  • Breaks

    Do people at Caledonia get proper breaks?

    No answer yet

    Are breaks paid at Caledonia?

    No answer yet
  • Training

    Do people get enough training when they start at Caledonia?

    No answer yet
  • Respect

    Do people at Caledonia feel treated with respect by their managers?

    No answer yet

    Is it stressful to work at Caledonia?

    No answer yet

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