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Burger King


Our members say:

£9.62–12.82 per hour

Employer says:

£10.00–11.70 per hour

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Bar, restaurant and kitchen managers

Bar, restaurant and kitchen managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of their bar or restaurant and make sure customers are happy with the food and service they receive

What you’ll do as a bar, restaurant and kitchen manager

  • Plan menus with your chefs
  • Organise shifts and rotas for kitchen, waiting and bar staff
  • Recruit staff and help to train them
  • Plan events like weddings or birthdays
  • Manage stock and budgets

Is it right for you?

This job may involve:

  • Standing
  • Involve physical activities
  • Wearing a uniform
  • Cleaning
  • Anti-social hours
  • Managing people
  • Using a computer