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Browns is a restaurant company. They serve British food.

Do Browns pay by the hour or annually?

People get paid by the hour at Browns.

By the hour 96% of people report they get paid by the hour.
  • 96% of people report they get paid by the hour.
  • 4% of people report they get paid an annual salary.

Last updated 1 February 2023

How we know this

Based on 25 job reviews from people who work at Browns.

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What employees are saying about Browns

  • Best thing

    The view (Tower Bridge is very close by) and the team.

    Worst thing

    We currently have no General Manager (it's been over 3 months since our last one left), no bar supervisor, only one manager (another is on indefinite sick leave) we have to pay for staff food, the area manager rarely stops by, no double pay on certain holidays, active rotas that change mid-week, low incentives to do a good job as there is no leadership, threats of having service charge withheld if online training doesn't get completed, front of house staff have to take on managerial duties without extra pay (opening and setting up the restaurant, counting and buying stock) as the only manager simply can't cope due to the stress of doing absolutely everything alone, late finishes so transport home is limited and costly and finally the playlist is dull, repetitive, depressing, and has remained unchanged for well over a year.


    Browns Bartender, January 2023

  • Best thing

    If you are good at your position you may have some tips from customers

    Worst thing

    Micromanagement mistakes is causing huge turnovers leading to understaff and stressfull environment


    Browns Bartender, October 2022

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