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  • Best thing

    Helping others and the community

    Worst thing

    Not enough help to process donations


    Manager, December 2020

    • Manages people
    • Β£18,000 per year, working a 35 hour week
    • 25 or older
    • More than 3 years experience
  • Best thing

    Our team, we get on well

    Worst thing

    Hours, the assumption made that you'll do things but never asked, not being treated the same as those who work mon-fri 9-5
    Management not doing their job and getting away with it


    Support worker, August 2020

    • Β£8.72 per hour
    • 25 or older
    • 1–3 years experience
  • Best thing

    Helping people and making a difference in their lives.

    Worst thing

    Management don't communicate with staff or service users and it is very frustrating


    Community support worker, December 2019

    • Β£9.00 per hour
    • 25–34 years old
    • 1–3 years experience