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Britannia Hotels

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Britannia Hotels operate over 50 hotels and resorts in the UK. This includes Pontins resorts. Their head office is in Cheshire.

Britannia Hotels ranks 3rd in hotels

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    Center Parcs

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    Britannia Hotels

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What’s it like on the frontline at Britannia Hotels?

  • Most people feel treated with respect by their managers

  • Most people get proper breaks

  • People don’t get 4 weeks notice of when they’re working


Featured Britannia Hotels job reviews

  • 4.7/10

    Best thing

    There are some great people where I work

    Worst thing

    Ruthless employer who have little interest in their staff

    Sales co-ordinator, June 2020
  • 5.9/10

    Best thing

    Meeting new people

    Worst thing

    Healing with horrible people

    Night manager, November 2019