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Brighton & Hove Buses

Breakroom Rating based on 5 job reviews

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Brighton & Hove Buses runs the majority of the bus services in Brighton and Hove. They operate under the Go-Ahead Group.

Brighton & Hove Buses ranks 14th in public transport employers

  1. 13
  2. 14

    Brighton & Hove Buses

  3. 15

    Lothian Buses


What’s it like on the frontline at Brighton & Hove Buses?

  • Most people get 4 weeks notice of when they’re working

  • Most people don’t feel stressed here

  • People don’t get paid breaks


Featured Brighton & Hove Buses job reviews

  • 7.8/10

    Best thing

    Left to do my job

    Worst thing

    Abuse and stress from driving all day

    Driver, July 2020