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Bright Horizons nursery nurse or assistant jobs

How much does Bright Horizons pay nursery nurses and assistants per year?

£8.95–10.23 from 7 nursery nurses and assistants at Bright Horizons

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  • Best thing

    Being happy an co-operative
    working as a team and communicating effectively

    Worst thing

    There's a lot on the schedule to get through but hen there's a lot of children around it hard to complete the task assigned.


    Employee, May 2021

    • £20,000 per year, working a 40 hour week
  • Best thing

    Seeing your hard work pay off and the difference you make in the children’s lives

    Worst thing

    Staff are not treated equally. Some people can work 9-4 because they want to and others aren’t allowed. Some people have to work a lot harder than others for the same pay.


    Employee, April 2021

    • £9.80 per hour
    • 25–34 years old
  • Best thing

    Working with children can be very rewarding, seeing them settle in and progress and sharing their achievements

    Worst thing

    Very bad pay for the level of responsibility we have with other people's children. All female environment can be difficult. Not enough mature staff


    Nursery Assistant, April 2021

    • £12,000 per year, working a 24 hour week
    • 55–64 years old
  • Best thing

    Creating a warm safe environment that enables children to feel safe secure and encouraging each child to be individual and explore to develop there own interests .

    Worst thing

    Unfortunately safeguarding training can be hard when you realise that some children and vulnerable adults are subjected to abuse or there basic human rights are not been made .


    Nursery practitioner, March 2021

    • £10.88 per hour
    • 25 or older
  • Worst thing

    Head office don’t understand what we do as nursery staff. They get to sit behind a computer and let us do all the hard work, wiping noses, changing nappies, feeding children, filling out observations, cleaning records, sleep records, temperature checks, bottle checks, day sheets, etc. Also king hours just to make a decent pay.


    Room leader, March 2021

    • Manages people
    • £20,000 per year, working a 45 hour week
    • 25 or older
  • Best thing

    The team are great, love my managers, job is fun and fulfilling


    Nursery nurse, March 2021

    • £9.21 per hour
    • 25 or older

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