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Boots warehouse operative jobs

How much does Boots pay warehouse operatives per year?

Β£9.00–10.51 from 13 warehouse operatives at Boots

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  • Best thing

    I only work part time

    Worst thing

    It's very repetitive


    Employee, April 2021

    • Β£15,000 per year, working a 30 hour week
    • 55–64 years old
  • Best thing

    Managers just start you on a job then you dont see them for the rest of the shift but they sit in the canteen so you dint have extra breaks.

    Worst thing

    if you have time off sick you are asked not to come back. if you are late even a minute you get an official email. every week they miss a day off you wages which they have been looking into for ages. they owe me 12 days pay.


    Order picker, January 2021

    • Β£8.72 per hour
    • 25 or older
  • Best thing

    The Warehouse team that I work with great bunch of lads and we look after one and other.

    Worst thing

    Someone who doesn't pull his or her weight in a Warehouse team


    Warehouseman, June 2020

    • Β£10.63 per hour
    • 25 or older

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How Boots ranks

Boots ranks joint 31st to work for in warehouse operative employers

  1. 29= Marks & Spencer
  2. 31= Boots
  3. 31= City Plumbing