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Blackrose is a pub management company. They operate pubs across the country.

Blackrose job reviews

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  • Best thing

    25% discount

    Worst thing

    manager has little respect for staff and doesn’t lead by example. all the regulars feel the same way and dislike the manager and staff feel an immense relief when the manager is not on duty, all while we perform at the same high level.


    Blackrose Front of house, February 2024

  • Best thing

    Easy money.

    Worst thing

    Constant stress. Tired. Overworked & underpaid. Short staffed. Attitude from customers.


    Blackrose Assistant manager, September 2023

  • Best thing

    The team and the customers

    Worst thing

    Management, head office, hours, the pay!!


    Blackrose Supervisor, February 2023