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Big Yellow is a self storage company.

Big Yellow job reviews

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  • Best thing

    Never work past 6pm.

    My manager has a laissez-faire management style but I used to have an autocratic manager. I now feel trusted in work.

    Flexible when all staff are in to change shifts or rota.

    Great for progression from sales advisor to store manager.

    Apprenticeships that the company pay for that you are supposed to do in work time but if the stores busy its often the first thing to be dropped.

    Worst thing

    Bonuses are being slowly removed and unachievable.

    Sales advisors and assistant managers get a bonus for lone trading but store managers dont

    Weekend work.

    The lack of ability to work from home.

    Monotonous work. Sales role but no commision and bonuses are near impossible to achieve.


    Big Yellow Store manager, January 2023

  • Best thing

    The Team I work with and Company looks after you


    Big Yellow Sales advisor, June 2021