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BGL Group is a vehicle and home insurance company.


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  • Best thing

    Pay and my work colleagues

    Worst thing

    Stressful, and constantly onto you about getting calls answered


    Customer service advisor, October 2020

    • Β£22,000 per year, working a 40 hour week
    • 25 or older
    • More than 3 years experience
  • Best thing

    Some of the ppl who work there

    Worst thing

    Everything about the job


    Insurance rep, February 2020

    • Β£20,000 per year, working a 37 hour week
    • 34–44 years old
    • More than 3 years experience
  • Best thing

    The people you meet

    Worst thing

    Last e opening hrs


    Customer experience advisor, October 2019

    • Β£10.84 per hour
    • 25–34 years old

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