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Bet365 is an online gambling and betting company.

Bet365 job reviews

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  • Best thing

    Set working hours mean the daily workload doesn't spill into personal life. The hybrid work from home and in office arrangement is convenient.
    Free lunches good quality deli and hot Meals
    Good benefits and career advancement opportunities.

    Worst thing

    Interdepartmental contacts are often frustrating and make the job harder.

    Delays in contact mean your performance drops which isn't good for performance reviews.

    Not a social environment to work in as you are constantly working. Minimal chat and monitored internal chat systems means you can't have casual conversations via teams.


    Bet365 Employee, May 2022

  • Best thing

    The pay, the colleagues, the atmosphere and benefits.

    Worst thing

    Senior management.


    Bet365 Employee, September 2021

  • Best thing

    Week on week off. Pay and security

    Worst thing

    Need to fit in with the social to progress


    Bet365 Employee, June 2021

  • Best thing

    Flexible hours, no weekend work and a great working from home policy.


    Bet365 Employee, April 2021

  • Best thing

    The pay, it is quite high for the type of work.

    Worst thing

    The customer abuse, being cursed at, yelled at and called names. The shift work, having a shedule that's never the same twice and often involves working for 7-8 days straight. Not having bank holidays and weekends off, making it hard to meet up with friends and family.
    The toxic work enviorment that promotes judging people based off of gender and alcohol consuption (the more you drink the better).
    The stress, if you aren't a master at multitasking and really enjoy this job is NOT the job for you (it also isn't the job for you unless you have a lot of prior knowledge about several sports). Dealing with up to 5 angry customers at once and needing to wait for up to 15 minutes for help when customer contacts shouldn't be more than 5 minutes long.


    Bet365 Customer service advisor, March 2021

  • Best thing

    Stable job, well looked after.


    Bet365 Supervisor, January 2021

  • Best thing

    Set hours. Time off

    Worst thing

    Offic politics.


    Bet365 Customer advisor, December 2020

  • Best thing

    The people who work their

    Worst thing

    Very heavily monitored


    Bet365 Customer service, August 2020

  • Best thing

    Week on week off shift pattern.

    Worst thing

    The managers in different departments tell us what to do, the people they employ I have to work with.


    Bet365 Security gaurd, January 2020