Baywater Healthcare

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Baywater Healthcare provide oxygen equipment.

Based on responses from 8 employees at Baywater Healthcare.

Baywater Healthcare job reviews

  • Best thing

    Some great colleagues. Get to take van home. Paid from leaving home to arriving home. Meet some lovely patients ( customers ) who depend on uou and knowing you're providing an essential service.

    Worst thing

    Stacked with work first thing then they send you uncapped numbers of additional emergency jobs during the day but you still have to complete your original worklist and supposed to have the extra stock on your van despite not being allowed to take extra. Sometimes you can have more jobs at lunchtime than you started the day with, all jobs must be done and you are just expected to have the extra stovk on your van. There are massive stock shortages so stock is rationed yet you are not supposed to fail jobs despite this. You also have to work on call evenings weekend shifts so you do your normal working day , then on call from 5pm until 8am next day plus you still have to do your normal job next day. The pressure is massive as failure means the company get fined by the NHS.


    Baywater Healthcare Employee, May 2023

  • Best thing

    Visiting patient that properly haven’t seen anyone all day and putting smile on there face

    Worst thing

    Not being listened to when come certain parts of the jobs like when there’s can’t do the job they ask or it’s miles away from where you are


    Baywater Healthcare Technician, April 2023