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Bargain Booze

8 job reviews

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Overview of Bargain Booze

Bargain Booze is an off-license chain in the UK. They have over 600 shops in the UK. Their head office is in Leeds.

Bargain Booze ranks joint 12th to work for in retailers

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    Bargain Booze

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  • Most people recommend working with their team

  • Most people don’t worry about getting enough hours

  • Most managers change people’s shifts at short notice

    Not great

Featured Bargain Booze job reviews

  • 7.4/10

    Best thing

    Minimum weekly pay 45 hours, if I work less hours, I still get paid 45 hours.

    Worst thing

    Can work up to 60 hours a week. 4am start times.

    Driver, September 2020