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Barclays hours and contracts

How much notice do people get of their shift pattern at Barclays?

People get 4 weeks notice of when they’re working


  • 0% report getting one week notice or less
  • 0% report getting two weeks notice
  • 20% report getting three weeks notice
  • 80% report getting four weeks notice or more

Based on 5 employee responses

Why this matters

At a good job, you get plenty of notice about when you’re working.

This makes it easy for you to plan the rest of life, as well as your finances, because you know how much you’ll be working and when.

Do Barclays managers change shifts at short notice?

Managers don’t change people’s shifts at short notice


0% of people say their manager changes their shifts at the last minute

Based on 5 employee responses

Do people at Barclays get proper breaks?

People get proper breaks


79% of people report that they get to take proper breaks

Based on 14 employee responses

What types of job contracts do Barclays use?

This employer mostly uses part time and full time contracts

  • 80% report having part time contracts (16-35 hours)
  • 20% report having full time contracts (more than 35 hours)

Based on 5 employee responses

How easy is it to book a holiday at Barclays?

Most people find it easy to book holidays


63% of people report it’s easy to book holidays

Based on 16 employee responses

Why this matters

A good job should let you take time off when you need it, and it shouldn’t be a nightmare to arrange.

How easy is it to take sick leave at Barclays?

People find it easy to take sick leave


100% of people report that it’s easy to take time off if they are sick

Based on 13 employee responses