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Barclays is a bank. They provide personal banking, corporate banking, wealth and investment management services.

What's the average pay for a customer service advisor at Barclays?

The average pay for a customer service advisor at Barclays is between £23.3k and £31.7k per year.

The top paying employers for customer service assistants are Transport for London, Transport for Wales and Barclays.

Last updated 28 June 2024

What is the Real Living Wage?

The Real Living Wage is a voluntary rate employers can sign up to that is based on the real cost of living.

Location Real Living Wage
London £13.15
Rest of the UK £12.00

What is the legal minimum wage?

The minimum wage is the legal minimum you must be paid per hour.

Age group Legal minimum wage
21 or older £11.44
18-20 £8.60
Under 18 £6.40
Apprentices £6.40

How we know this

Based on data from 40 people who took the Breakroom Quiz between July 2022 and June 2024.

Who pays customer service assistants the most?

Jobs at Barclays

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What are customer service assistants saying about pay at Barclays?

  • Best thing

    Pay is comparatively good and much more sociable hours than say retail

    Worst thing

    Constant changes to rota, short staffing poor planning will affect lunches and breaks. Onboarding training will not prepare you for the job, current attrition rate is 70% of colleagues leave in a year.


    Barclays Employee, April 2024

  • Best thing

    The status

    Worst thing

    Pay, travel, bad management


    Barclays Employee, January 2024

  • Best thing

    Working in a bank gives you a skill set of financial literacy you would never learn in a classroom

    Worst thing

    Not enough pay


    Barclays Employee, October 2023

  • Best thing

    Helping customers and colleagues

    Worst thing

    They don't care about staff. You're just a number to them. All the policies and procedures to appear as though they are inclusive and helpful and care - but they don't practice what they preach. It's wildly discussed through colleagues about how poor it is. Pay increase based on performance so isn't in line with the cost of living increasing. Expected to be in earlier but don't get paid for it. Some of the leaders are not that, they don't lead they just dictate. Could help but they don't.


    Barclays Employee, March 2023

  • Best thing

    The pay is good for what we do. The staff are friendly, the management are transparent around staffing, the direction the bank are moving in, they’re open and honest about everything that’s going on.

    Worst thing

    Abusive customers… although few and far between. Other colleagues under-perfoming.


    Barclays Customer care specialist, February 2022

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