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B&M is a variety retailer. They sell food, homeware, pet supplies, toys and cleaning products.


Do B&M pay breaks?

Yes. Most people get paid breaks at B&M.

Retailers who pay breaks include Churchill China, MandM Direct and Boden.

Last updated 31 May 2023

How we know this

Based on data from 176 people who took the Breakroom Quiz between December 2022 and May 2023.

69% of people say they get paid breaks.

Why this matters

A good job should have paid breaks.

You should be paid for all your time at work, whether you’re on a break or not.

Which retailers pay breaks?

Jobs at B&M

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Jobs where breaks are paid

What people are saying about sick pay at B&M

  • Best thing

    My colleagues. 10% off. proper breaks. regular customers.

    Worst thing

    manager and deputy manager. customers.


    B&M Customer service assistant, September 2022

  • Best thing

    Easy access to holiday pay. Get toilet breaks whenever you want. Decent wage.

    Worst thing

    Short and UNPAID breaks. Don’t get Bank Holidays or national holidays off such as Easter (Christmas Day you get off though) - these are not payed more either (e.g. double pay or time and a half). Cash-only canteen for food - the canteen gets to shut early on a Bank Holiday but we have to keep working, regardless.


    B&M Warehouse operative, August 2022

  • Best thing

    More breaks than most retail jobs
    Easy job

    Worst thing

    Management are lazy, not proactive and unable to delegate
    Unequal opportunities
    Lack of overtime
    16 hours is maximum contract hours
    Minimum wage
    No rewards


    B&M Customer service assistant, December 2021

  • Best thing

    Colleague, Breaks and Leaving

    Worst thing



    B&M Employee, May 2021

  • Best thing

    The breaks are adequate, some managers are ok and others expect too much of you. Very easy job.

    Worst thing

    The only stressful thing is trying to help a customer or being on the till when it’s busy. But if you can handle yourself then it’s fine. Can get boring when there are no jobs left to do and you have to face up the store.


    B&M Sales assistant, November 2020

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