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ASK Italian

18 job reviews

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Overview of ASK Italian

ASK Italian is a UK restaurant that serves Italian food. They have over 100 locations across England, Scotland and Wales. Their head office is in London.

ASK Italian ranks 9th to work for in restaurants

  1. 8
  2. 9

    ASK Italian

  3. 10

    Pizza Express


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  • Most managers don’t change people’s shifts at short notice

  • People don’t worry about getting enough hours

  • Only some people recommend working with their team

    Not great

Featured ASK Italian job reviews

  • 7.8/10

    Best thing

    I just love it

    Worst thing

    Tight controls on labour

    General manager, September 2019
  • 3.6/10

    Best thing

    Good team

    Worst thing

    You are just another number for this company

    Assistant manager, September 2019