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Angard Staffing recruits for Royal Mail jobs.

Angard Staffing job reviews

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  • Best thing

    The pay and data entry itself is easy

    Worst thing

    When it’s busy stress increases and shifts can be very prolonged & stressful. As a temp position they didn’t give us access to building very easily either.


    Angard Staffing Employee, December 2021

  • Best thing

    Good pay for young workers

    Worst thing

    Little to no shifts.
    Must reply within a minute to receive a shift and not guaranteed


    Angard Staffing Employee, November 2021

  • Best thing

    Easy and relaxed

    Worst thing

    Not enough hours


    Angard Staffing Employee, September 2021

  • Best thing

    Any pay. No other positives about Angard/Royal Mail.

    Worst thing

    Too many to mention. Shocking 'mangers' (supervisors), blatant favouritism for shifts, no training, lack of shift availability, shifts cancelled at short notice, hard to call head office ref pay/shifts, head office/Angard not interested in staff, Royal Mail managers and supervisors and some staff treat Angard workers like dirt, total lack of respect for Angard staff, bullying by supervisors, shocking work ethic in work place, friends and family Angard workers rewarded with extra hours and shifts. Truly a shocking place to work. All the good staff get fed up and leave. Angard/RM encourage this so pay is less. Pay increases with time spent with Angard, but as your pay goes up expect your shifts to dry up (unless you're friends/family).


    Angard Staffing Employee, September 2021

  • Best thing

    There is nothing very good about my job.

    Worst thing

    Uncertainty of shifts and working hours. The unfair division of hours between Angard Staff casuals. (Some casuals don't get a shift for weeks. Others get between 40 and 60 hours per week, every week)
    Short notice of available shifts. Very little time between a notification of an available shift and replying my availability (less than 1 minute). No reply from Angard to questions. Unavailability of contact person in Angard Staffing, when calling them. Cancelling shifts at very short notice (sometimes as little as 10 minutes before the shift is supposed to start)
    In short, absolutely no consideration or service from Angard Staffing/Reed Global.


    Angard Staffing Employee, June 2021

  • Best thing

    Sorting Mail for thousands of people and keeping the country moving! Generous break lengths, wonderful coworkers.


    Angard Staffing Employee, May 2021

  • Best thing

    Pay and hours

    Worst thing

    Uncertainty of hours


    Angard Staffing Sorter, October 2020