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Anchor Hanover

Breakroom Rating based on 5 job reviews

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Anchor Hanover is a provider of specialist and retirement housing and care homes for people over 55 in England. They offer properties to rent or buy, as well as retirement villages and housing with care.

What’s it like on the frontline at Anchor Hanover?

  • Managers don’t change people’s shifts at short notice

  • Most people get 4 weeks notice of when they’re working

  • Most people don’t get paid breaks

    Not great

Featured Anchor Hanover job reviews

  • 5.5/10

    Best thing

    Lovely staff

    Worst thing

    Very hands on, sometimes do not even get time to have a break

    Care assistant, July 2020
  • 8.9/10

    Best thing

    I’m appreciated and it’s very rewarding

    Worst thing

    Dealing with covid

    Carer, July 2020