AMT Coffee

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AMT Coffee is a coffee chain. Their coffee shops can be found in airports, hospitals and railway stations.

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AMT Coffee job reviews

  • Best thing

    The best thing about my work place is the team work we have. Even through difficult times such as short staff and general problems behind the coffee bar we still pull through and get through to the end of the shift.

    Worst thing

    The worst thing is after all the work we provide and changes we been through especially with the products price going up we still get the same money which is minimum wage. Moreover we are not supplied with all products and we have had broken equipment for nearly a year, also when we need something fixed and the technician for example when the technician comes to fix a problem they do not fix the problem, they just make excuses on why it won’t be fixed. Also we are under staffed nearly every day and with what ever staff we have we make it through the day from our team work but we don’t receive no change in our pay.


    AMT Coffee Barista, August 2022

  • Best thing

    The Staff
    Learning new skills

    Worst thing

    The pay


    AMT Coffee Barista, May 2020