Administrator at Amazon

People in this role may also be known as administrators.

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How much does Amazon pay administrators?

Administrator at Amazon
Typical range

Administrator employees at Amazon are typically paid £8.54–12.58 an hour, based on data from 5 employees.

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What are the hours like for administrator employees at Amazon?

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  • Easy to take sick leave

    How easy is it for administrators to take sick leave at Amazon?

    People find it easy to take sick leave

    How we know this

    100% of people report that it’s easy to take time off if they are sick

    Based on information from 5 job reviews

  • People get proper breaks

    Do administrators at Amazon get proper breaks?

    People get proper breaks

    How we know this

    80% of people report that they get to take proper breaks

    Based on information from 5 job reviews

    Why this matters

    When you take a break it should be a proper rest. It should last the full duration and you shouldn’t get pulled off it.

Here’s a recent review that mentions hours:

  • Best thing

    Variety of options of work. Could be doing something different everyday at work. The pay is good. Average hours. Overtime is payed generously with time and a half and double time. Suitable shifts

    Worst thing

    The HR team isnt the greatest I ask them to include me in something and wasnt put on the list


    Employee, August 2021

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  • Best thing

    I always give 100 percent and enjoy the role

    Worst thing

    underappreciated and underpaid


    Admin, January 2021

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How Amazon ranks

Amazon ranks joint 11th to work for in administrator employers

  1. 11= Amazon
  2. 11= Amey
  3. 11= Department for Work and Pensions