Aimia Foods

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Aimia Foods is a food and drink manufacturer. They're also the UK and Ireland brand owner of Horlicks.

Rating based on 11 employees who took the Breakroom Quiz

How Aimia Foods ranks

Aimia Foods ranks joint 26th to work for out of food and drink producers.

  1. 26= Yeo Valley
  2. 26= Aimia Foods
  3. 33= Solina

Rankings are based on Breakroom Ratings for employers with 5 or more Breakroom Quiz responses, accurate as of 14 April 2024.

Aimia Foods job reviews

  • Best thing

    Friendly colleagues
    Staff shop

    Worst thing

    Management, they can change lines at any time without warning.
    Old machinery, they break down alot


    Aimia Foods Production operative, March 2023

  • Best thing

    Close to home

    Worst thing

    Not getting heard


    Aimia Foods Blender, March 2021