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Call and contact centre staff

Addison Lee

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What do people say about working as a call and contact centre staff at Addison Lee?

  • Best thing

    Best thing is the people, the time you have in between calls to chat, and not wearing strict uniform.

    Worst thing

    When it’s busy, it’s VERY busy. Call after call, no second break in between each call. Sometimes means you’re talking for hours and hours on end. Headaches. Complaints: people threatening to take you to court as they were charged with cancellation fees and parking fees etc. You’re meant to limit your personal time, so you get an hour a day distributed in 2x 15 min and 1x 30 min but you get 5 min personal time to leave and use the toilet but you are advices not to go over 5 min. You also get rated based on your time you spend on the phone, so your customer service has to 16/16 perfect and under 2 min. It can get really difficult and the complaints and multibookings are always still included.


    Addison Lee Employee, February 2022

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