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Home carer

Aberdeenshire Council


Our members say:

£10.30–11.99 per hour

Employer says:

£10.93–13.23 per hour

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Care workers and assistants

Care workers and assistants help support people in their daily lives to live as independently as possible.

What you’ll do as a care worker/assistant:

  • Help with social or physical activities
  • Household tasks, like cleaning and washing
  • Support by preparing food, and providing help with eating and other tasks like bathing and getting dressed
  • Check and monitor health and help with medication

Is it right for you?

This job may involve:

  • Standing
  • Heavy lifting
  • Helping with personal care
  • Physical activity
  • Emotionally demanding duties
  • Wearing a uniform
  • Night work
  • Long hours
  • Anti-social hours
  • Cleaning
  • Working alone