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Teaching assistants



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What do people say about working as a teaching assistants at Abacare?

  • Best thing

    Working with the children

    Worst thing

    No pay over half term/school holiday


    Abacare Employee, February 2022

What do other people say about working at Abacare?

  • Best thing

    One to one with clients.

    Worst thing

    Letting clients down.


    Abacare Employee, November 2020

  • Best thing

    Meeting new people and knowing u are making a difference to peoples lives

    Worst thing

    Long hours
    Not getting paid enough
    Even though got plans after work keep asking u to cover work for someone else
    Had a really busy and hard going morning, finally have a break and your manager phones and says coz u have a gap can you help this person with their calls as they are running behind. Dont mind helping every now and then but when they ask you constantly


    Abacare Employee, August 2020