Your favourite fast-food restaurants ranked!

Did you know that the UK eats 100 million fast-food meals a week? 🍔

With people aged 16-24 treating themselves to 11 takeaway on average per month. 🍕

So, as you can see there is huge demand, BUT what’s it really like to work at some of your favourite fast-food restaurants?

Thanks to our database of over 480,000 people who were quizzed on what their job is really like we’ve got the answer. 

😱 And it’s a shocker! 

For far too long Mcdonald’s 🍟  has been holding the crown, as one of the best fast-food restaurants to work for. This has been thanks to their flexible hours and management degree programme which allow employees to progress quickly. 

But now, according to the Breakroom community, this newcomer has taken the top spot:

Five Guys! 🌭

You can’t help but notice new Five Guys restaurants popping up around the country. This American brand first came to the UK in 2013 in Covent Garden. And now has over 100 branches nationwide, with more stores opening soon. So they are regularly recruiting. 

But how did Five Guys 🍔 make it to the top of the list? 

We quizzed employees from your favourite fast-food restaurants about everything from salary, stress levels, how much they enjoy their job to shift notice, breaks and sick pay. With that information, we were able to give them an unbiased total score.

When we compare Five Guys 🍔 who are at the top of the list to Burger King 🍔 who ranked near the bottom - it was clear why people enjoy working for Five Guys more. 

Here’s what we learnt:

Five guys vs Burger King

Let’s look at how your favourite fast-food restaurant ranked and find out what it’s really like to work there. 

1. Five Guys (score 6.9)

Best thing:The team I work with is great the hours fly by, the management is amazing always happy to answer any questions. The competitiveness of those around you brings the best out of you and makes work just that bit more enjoyable." - Five Guys employee

Worst thing: “Sometimes the customers but that’s the same about most jobs also they may ask you to stay behind longer when you are supposed to finish which is frustrating but you get paid” - Five Guys employee

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2. McDonald’s (score 5.5)

Best thing: “Great team, people are really friendly, managers are great too. Discounts are helpful for students too.” - McDonald's employee

Worst thing: “0-hour contracts don’t get the rota until 2-4 days before it starts no weekends off unless booked as unpaid leave.” - McDonald's employee

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3. Papa Johns (score 5.3)

Best thing: “Large amounts of freedom, to work within my own parameters.” - Papa Johns employee

Worst thing: “Minimum wage, Zero hour contract, no sick pay.” - Papa Johns employee

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4. Pizza Hut (score 5.2)

Best thing: “​​Love the other workers. Free pizzas after 4-hour shifts. Making customers happy. Opening a hot bag in front of a customer and steam comes out.” - Pizza Hut employee

Worst thing: “The lack of consideration for personal life/obstacles when it comes to hours given, holiday or booking any time off.” - Pizza Hut employee

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5. Dominos (score 5.0)

Best thing: “The banter among the staff and the ease of the job.” - Dominos employee

Worst thing: “Too many hours, too much work, too much stress. Get the rota the night before.” - Dominos employee

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6. Subway (score 4.8)

Best thing: “Free food, decent breaks, not as busy as other fast food companies and flexible rotas.” - Subway employee 

Worst thing: Not enough staff to complete tasks, not being paid to clean up after shift is over, being left alone for long periods of time and often having to take breaks between serving customers, no staff discount.” - Subway employee 

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6. KFC (score 4.8)

Best thing:Once you learn everything it's pretty straightforward and can be fun depending on who you work with.” - KFC employee

Worst thing: “Underpaid, awful management, never sent wage slips, illegal work hours for a 17 year old.”  - KFC employee

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8. Burger King (score 4.7)

Best thing: “The people you work with are very good people and you become friends with them pretty easily.” - Burger King employee 

Worst thing: “That after more than 3 years I'm still on minimum wage.” - Burger King employee 

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8. Leon (score 4.7)

Best thing:My Team of people I work with.” - Leon employee

Worst thing: “Too big of workload and short staffed always.” - Leon employee 

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10. Taco Bell (score 4.5)

Best thing: “Free food on break.” - Taco Bell Employee

Worst thing: “Excessive hours, physical and emotional exhaustion” - Taco Bell Employee

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Find out how your job scores! 

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Published on 28 January 2022