Working around the clock: The UK’s most flexible employers

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Did you know shift work was made possible thanks to the invention of the lightbulb?💡

Whether you're a parent seeking a better work-life balance. Or a student looking for a part-time job to supplement your studies. If you're looking for a job doing shift work it's important to make sure it's a good one. After all, everyone deserves a good job.

We look at lots of factors when it comes to understanding what makes a good job. We know that a good job needs to pay a fair wage, have proper benefits, create a supportive workplace and provide regular guaranteed hours with flexibility if and when you need it.

Flexible working is one of the most important things job-seekers are currently looking for.

With this in mind, we looked at what our 222,000 Breakroom members told us about their jobs, to reveal the top 25 employers for flexibility according to the people who actually work there.

We looked at what you told us about things like, how easy is it to choose and change shifts and what it's like to take sick days and book holidays.

What employers offer the most flexible shift jobs?

According to the data, the UK’s largest telecommunications company, Openreach, offers the most flexible shift work.

92% of staff said that it’s easy to take time off if they are sick

85% said it’s easy to change shifts

86% agree that it’s easy to take time off when it comes to booking holidays

Openreach was the only telecommunications company to feature in the top 25 list of flexible employers.

NHS Wales offers the second most flexible shift work.

80% of NHS Wales employees find it easy to take sick leave when they are unwell

Whilst 70% said it was easy to book holidays

Waitrose & Partners and Argos were the best retail employers on the list taking third and fourth place. Spire Healthcare completed the top five.

Check out the full list below:

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Which industries have the most flexible employers? 

From the list of top employers, we can also see that the most flexible industry is retail.

If you’re not 100% sure about the job you want but flexibility in your role is key, then a job as a retail assistant or sales advisor could be a useful starting point.

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Not only that, if you're in education or have a full-time job during the day, many retailers offer part-time evening and weekend positions that can provide an additional source of income.

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* Results based on Breakroom ratings and findings as of February 2022

Published on 13 April 2022