What’s it really like to work at Turtle Bay

What it’s really like to work at Turtle Bay?

Turtle Bay currently has over 100 jobs across the UK being advertised on Breakroom.

If you’re interested in working at Turtle Bay, you might have some questions that aren’t covered in their job adverts. We’ve asked Turtle Bay workers what it’s really like to work for them and answered some of your questions.

Here's what we found out:

A bit of background to Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a chain of Caribbean-inspired restaurants with locations throughout the United Kingdom. The first Turtle Bay restaurant opened in 2010 in Milton Keynes, and the chain has since expanded to include over 40 restaurants in cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow.

The restaurants offer a vibrant and lively atmosphere with a focus on music, rum, and food. The decor is inspired by the Caribbean, with bright colours, reggae music, and tropical plants. The menu features a range of dishes that draw on Caribbean cuisine, including jerk chicken, curries, and seafood dishes.

In addition to its food and drink offerings, Turtle Bay also hosts regular events, such as live music nights and bottomless brunches. The restaurants aim to create a fun and welcoming environment, with a focus on good food, good drinks, and good times.

How much does Turtle Bay pay in the UK?

Job Turtle Bay pay per hour
Bartender £7.70–£10.34
Waitress £7.64–9..50
Chef £8.25–11.10

How old do you have to be to work at Turtle Bay?

The minimum age requirement to work at Turtle Bay may vary depending on the location and the specific role you are interested in. However, in most cases, you must be at least 18 years old to work as a waiter, bartender, or kitchen staff.

Some front-of-house positions, such as host or hostess, may be available to those who are 16 years old or older, but this also depends on the individual location and their policies.

Do staff have to wear a uniform when working at Turtle Bay?

Yes, staff members at Turtle Bay are typically required to wear a uniform while working. The specific uniform may vary depending on the role, but typically includes branded clothing such as t-shirts or polo shirts with the Turtle Bay logo, along with black trousers or skirts and comfortable, non-slip footwear.


Do you get good notice of shifts?

This is what Turtle Bay staff told us about their shift notice.

  • 55% of Turtle Bay staff report getting one weeks notice or less.

  • 35% of Turtle Bay staff report getting two weeks notice.

  • 2% of Turtle Bay staff report getting three weeks notice.

  • 8% of Turtle Bay staff report getting four weeks notice or more.

Is their job progression at Turtle Bay?

Turtle Bay say the only way is up as far as your career is concerned. They support everyone who wants to grow and progress in their careers. They have programmes in place for staff to develop into their next role and have various pathways to support staff progression. T

48% of Turtle staff told us that they had been given an opportunity to get better at their job, learn a new skill, learn to manage a team or get more responsibility in their role in the last year.

Does Turtle Bay have part-time jobs?


They hire part-time staff you can view all the available part-time jobs here

Some of the part-time roles they are currently hiring for include:

Waiter and Waitress & Cocktail Bartender

Do Turtle Bay staff get a staff discount?

Turtle Bay has some fantastic staff discounts and perks including:


Perks of the job

  • Weekly pay – every Friday!

  • Subsidised team food on shift

  • Unlimited soft drinks on shift

  • 70% discount at our restaurants for you and up to 6 friends

  • Access to wages before payday

  • Turtle Talent referral bonus scheme

  • Amazing team socials and events

  • Team rewards

  • Enhanced maternity pay

  • 24-hour employee helpline

  • Wellbeing Champions in each restaurant to support our teams

  • Anniversary Bonuses

*Some benefits are only available after 3 months of service

What do workers say about working at Turtle Bay?

Best thing

The team and the work atmosphere

Worst thing

The menu provided by head office prevents the Chefs from being creative

Best thing

The team food and other colleagues

Worst thing

Dealing with drunk and rude customers, as well as working really late hours

Best thing

People are really friendly, shifts go quickly

Worst thing

Long shifts, can be very tiring especially at weekends, hard to get uni and work balance

Best thing

The people you work with!

Worst thing

Working hours and pay


Working at Turtle Bay involves working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, with a focus on teamwork and collaboration. Employees have reported that the team culture is supportive.

Turtle Bays Mantra is “Do the right thing, make it easy to be a team member and easy to be a guest” and is embedded in everything they do - from applying for a job via Breakroom, through the interview process and well beyond your initial 4-6 week training period. 

As with any company, employee experiences can vary and it's important to do your own research. Visit Turtle Bays Breakroom profile to get a better understanding of what it's like working at Turtle Bay.

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Published on 15 February 2023