What’s it really like to work at Booker?

What it’s really like to work at Booker?

Booker currently has over 100 jobs across the UK being advertised on Breakroom.

If you’re interested in working at Booker, you might have some questions about that aren’t covered in their job adverts. We’ve asked Booker workers what it’s really like to work for them and answered some of your questions.

Here's what we found out:

A bit of background to Booker

Before we get cracking, here’s a summary of what Booker is and what they do.

Booker is a food & drink wholesaler.

The Booker Group comprises of Booker Wholesale, Makro Wholesale, Booker Retail Partners, Booker Direct, Classic Drinks, Ritter Courivaud and Best Food Logistics.

How much does Booker pay in the UK?

Job Booker Group pay per hour
Warehouse operative £8.85–12.75
HGV driver £11.97–15.94
Sales assistant £8.70–10.15
Butcher £10.14–13.61
Delivery driver £9.60–12.85

How old do you have to be to work at Booker?

Booker hires from 18+

Do staff have to wear a uniform when working at Booker?

It depends on your exact role at Booker but most staff are provided with a uniform.


Do you get good notice of shifts?

Again this depends on your role. This is what Booker staff told us about their shift notice.

  • 44% of Booker staff with changing schedules report getting one week notice or less.

  • 24% of Booker staff with changing schedules report getting two weeks notice.

  • 13% of Booker staff with changing schedules report getting three weeks notice.

  • 20% of Booker staff with changing schedules report getting four weeks notice or more.

Does Booker have part-time jobs?


They hire part-time staff you can view all the available part-time jobs here

Some of the part-time roles they are currently hiring for include: Part-Time Branch Assistant

3.5T Delivery Driver Part Time

Picker Weekends

Do Booker staff get a staff discount?


Booker has some fantastic staff discounts and perks including:

  • 10% discount at Booker plus double discount events up to three times a year

  • 10% discount at Tesco plus 15% off most purchases for 4 days after every 4-week payday

  • 10% off at Tesco Cafe and 20% off all F&F purchases

  • 10% off your SIM deal with Tesco Mobile

  • Up to 30% off car, pet and home insurance with Tesco bank

  • Free eye test and 30% off when you spend £50 or more on glasses, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses

  • 50% off health checks at Tesco Pharmacy

  • Exclusive access to discounted RAC breakdown cover rates

  • Access to an exclusive deals and discounts website saving you money on everyday purchases, including a cycle-to-work scheme

  • Our annual Save As You Earn share scheme that lets you buy Tesco shares at a discount

  • Pension - save up to 5% and Booker will match your contribution

  • Life Assurance - up to three times your annual pay

*Some benefits are only available after 3 months of service

What do workers say about working at Booker?

Best thing

Great team that make the day better, understanding managers who communicate well, customers are usually always friendly and chatty.

Worst thing

Getting behind as have to cover other areas as well as my own.

Best thing

I have a great deal of autonomy in my role and I love my job.

Worst thing

Customers who are rude to me or my team.

Best thing

Amazing team, management care and want the best for the team. Flexible working, career support and professional development.

Worst thing

Can't think of anything.

Best thing

You get to know the staff and customers on a more personal level and you are listened too if you want to take your break at a certain time

Worst thing

You can get stressed very fast if you arent used to a fast paced environment


The Booker Group is a leading wholesale provider in the UK, providing a range of products and services to independent retailers, caterers, and other businesses. They are committed to providing excellent customer service and delivering high-quality products to their customers.

Working at Booker may involve working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, with a focus on teamwork and collaboration. Employees may be expected to be flexible and adaptable, with strong communication and problem-solving skills.

Employees have reported that the company culture is friendly and supportive, with a strong emphasis on training and development opportunities. They also have a good work-life balance and a good team spirit among the staff.

However, as with any company, employee experiences can vary and it's important to do your own research. Visit Booker's Breakroom profile to get a better understanding of what it's like working at Booker Group.

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Published on 14 February 2023