What makes a good job?

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When applying for a new job, it’s important to know whether you’re setting your sights on the best opportunity for you. Will that employer treat you fairly, provide enough training, and give you enough shifts?

We believe everyone deserves a good job, and many factors play a part in defining what makes a job “good”. A good job pays a fair wage, guarantees proper benefits, creates a supportive workplace and provides regular hours with flexibility when you need it. 

We’ve analysed responses from over 230,000 Breakroom members to reveal which jobs are the top-rated, which are the least stressful, where the happiest workers live in the UK, the most respected occupations and the most recommended roles.  

Which jobs are rated the highest?

Railway professions are the top three highest-rated occupations, achieving an average rating of 8.1 or above. 

Train and tram drivers top the list with a rating of 8.5, with train conductors following with an average rating of 8.3.

Top rated

Where in the UK are workers the happiest?

According to our data, workers in Norfolk enjoy their jobs the most, with almost two thirds (65%) of residents saying they’re happy in their role.

Following this, professionals in Dumfries also enjoy their jobs, with 63% agreeing, and Carmarthen finishes the top three, with 62%.

Top rated

What occupation has the lowest stress levels?

Rail transport operatives have the least stressful occupation out of all the shift jobs analysed, with over three quarters (76%) of workers reporting low-stress levels.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, mechanical fitters are the tenth least stressed, with just over half (51%) of workers finding the profession a breeze.


Which occupation is the most respected

According to our data, train and tram drivers, joint with lifeguards, are the employees that feel most respected in their occupations. Almost 4 in 5 (79%) respondents agreed they felt respected, despite ongoing strikes around pay and staffing issues. 

The majority of the top ten most respected occupations are public-facing, suggesting that workers are not only respected by their colleagues but the general public too. This in turn means their roles are more enjoyable, making them more likely to recommend their team to friends and family.


The role most recommended is also the most respected and top-rated. Almost 9 in 10 (89%) train and tram drivers would recommend their role to others.

Train conductors and rail transport operatives would also recommend working in their team to friends and family, with 87% and 85% agreeing, respectively.


If you’re looking for a good job near you, let us help you get started.

*Using data from over 230,000 real people who’ve told Breakroom about what their job is really like, we’ve analysed these responses across five different metrics to reveal which roles are: the top rated, the least stressful, the most respected, the most recommended as well as where in the UK the happiest workers are. 

All data correct as of May 2022.

Published on 11 May 2022