Welcome to Breakroom! (ps: we're hiring)

The Breakroom team: James, Anna and Tom

When we started in 2019 we had an ambitious mission: to help 100 million people who are paid by the hour in the UK and the US get a quality job that’s right for them.

It began with a simple survey that asked questions about what it’s really like to work somewhere and helped people compare their answers.

We focused on the really important stuff. Like whether people worry about how many hours they get, how stressful the job is or whether it is easy to fit around childcare.

Based on their answers we gave employers a score, and made it easy to see their strengths and weaknesses.

The idea was that if people had a really easy way to compare their jobs, they would be more likely to find a job that worked for them.

We called the product ‘Poplar’.

And it really started to take off.

Now, thousands of people have compared their job at hundreds of the UK’s largest employers.

By making this information public, our aim is to raise the standard of all hourly work.

We believe everyone deserves a good quality job and we want to make sure they get it.

So today, we’ve come up with a new name that better reflects who we’re for and what we’re trying to do: Breakroom.

We’re also excited to be hiring our first three team members to join us. If you’d like to help take Breakroom to millions of people, or know someone who could, check out our jobs on Workable.

Published on 18 February 2020